General Machine Type 16 Circuit Manual Sequential
Minimum Dispensing 0.07ml for Ounce Scale and 0.1 ml for millilitre Scale
Colorant Compatibility Decorative (Water Based, Universal)
Canisters Configuration Upto 16 Canisters
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Capacity 1.5l
Orientation 16 Canisters x 1.5l
Pumps and Valves Pump Type Piston Pump
Pump Capacity 30ml
Pump Material Stainless Steel
Flow Rate
Minimum Dispense 0.07ml
Valves Three-way Valves with sniff-back action
Seal Material Silicone Rubber | Teflon (PTFE)
Stirring Timer One to fifteen minutes timer
Calibration N/A
Software Compatibility Windows OS(Spectrum MN) and Android(SpectrumTint MN)
Database Spectrum Database, updates through cloud based backend
History History Capture through cloud based backend
Containter Table Can Shelf Manual Raising Shelf for cans up-to 4 Litres
Max. Can Height 220mm
Max. Can Diameter 180mm
Can Sensor N/A
Dimension & Weight Net HWD (mm) 690 x 600
Packaging HWD (mm)
Net Weight 40kg
Gross Weight 80kg
Power Supply / Safety Max. Power >10W
Input Power Supply 230v AC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
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