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What We Do

What we do

Passion for Results

Your Global partner in manufacturing cutting-edge sturdy paint dispensing and mixer machinery, delivering accurate solutions at affordable prices.

Designed With Precision

PAR provides a comprehensive array of Dispensers and Mixers meticulously tailored to meet each customer’s tinting requirements.

Integrated Innovation

Each PAR product undergoes rigorous development within our dedicated Innovation and Technology Center. Our product design prioritizes robustness, ensuring extended trouble-free operation with minimal life cycle costs.

Delivering For You

Our extensive Service Network features factory-trained technicians, guaranteeing swift and efficient post-sales service, thereby upholding our commitment to total customer satisfaction. We are steadfast in our dedication to deliver technically superior products at the most competitive and reasonable prices to our valued customers.

Sustainability | PAR

Our environmental commitment remains unwavering, as we diligently craft each product in alignment with energy conservation and minimal carbon emission objectives.

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